Q&A  / よくあるご質問


(English below)

Q. どのような服装でレッスンを受講すればいいでしょうか?


Q. ヨガ・マットは必要ですか?


Q. 予約は必要ですか?


Q. 男性もヨガをしますか? 



Q. What should I wear?

 You should wear clothing that enables you to move easily yet is fairly form fitting so that it doesn't get in the way.  A fitted t-shirt and gym pants are fine.  Please remove large jewelry, refrain from wearing strong perfume and expect to be barefoot for class. There is a changing space with shelves and hangers available in the studio.  We apologize but there are no showers available.

Q. Do I need a mat?

 Yoga mats available at no charge for student use. We encourage you to try mats out to find a mat type that suits you. You can of course bring your own mat as well. 

Q.  Do I need a reservation?

 Reservations are strongly recommended for all classes, however students without reservations are always welcome!   Please be aware that classes could fill up quickly.  If you cannot participate a class you reserved, please cancel your reservation in advance.

Q.   Do men do yoga?

 Yes!  They certainly do!  Although yoga is more popular with women in Tokyo, the number of male students is increasing, and we encourage you to join.  All you need is a t-shirt and pair of comfortable pants, a flexible mind and an open heart.