Pricing: 料金のご案内


Class Rates

1回料金 : 

  • ヨガ(90分):¥3500

  • ピラティス:¥3500

  • エアリアル:¥3500

※Dropin料金の支払方法は、現金払いのみ (クレジットカード 不可)のご利用となります。

Per Class Rates: 

  • Yoga (90 min): 3500 yen

  • Pilates: 3500 yen

  • Aerial: 3500 yen

* Drop-in class is paid CASH only (no Credit Card).   

Ticket System



  • 10回数券: 30,000円
    (1回 3000円)

  • 5回数券: 16,500円
    (1回 3300円)


At Transformation Pilates & Yoga, we offer class tickets which allows participants to get a discount per class.  We recommend the class tickets if you plan on attending regularly.  You can purchase the class tickets from the instructor the day of the lesson.  Cash and credit cards are both accepted for the purchase of the tickets.

Ticket Pricing:

  • 10 class tickets: 30,000 yen
    (3000 yen per class)

  • 5 class tickets: 16,500 yen
    (3300 yen per class)

Class Tickets Policy:
• Class tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
• Class tickets can be used for any group lessons (private lessons excluded).
• Class tickets may be shared with friends and family.


Yoga Mats are provided.